Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Finley started back at horse back riding lessons today.
Mat said she was about jumping out of her skin the whole way home from school knowing that she was going to see "her" horse Junior.  She hasn't seen him since November.  She was very happy to see him again.
She had a great first lesson back.  She remembered just about everything she had been taught before, and her teacher told me she wanted to trot over and over, which was new.  It was fun to see her riding again.
Finley and I hit our favorite ice cream spot on the way home today.  She just wants a cone when we go there.  I had to ask to hang up a sign for our upcoming Pancake breakfast on May 7th.  It is young kids that work there, and when they found out that the little girl in the poster was the little girl standing beside me, they all came out to greet her.  It was a fun stop.

Finley tonight said she wasn't special again.  But this time she was just kidding around - not crying from getting into trouble.  So I asked her "Finley, what makes you special?"  My - thinking she MIGHT say her eyes, or that she is left handed, or whatever.  No, Finley says, "because I am quiet".  Uh, okay.  I don't know what kid she is talking about, but she couldn't be further off base.

Tomorrow I have  Arlington's spring conference with her teacher.  I am always glad to go in and see how the girl is doing.  We do get all of her school work back with a "grade" (which around here is a number) so I have a general idea, but it will still be nice to go and see what the teacher has to say.

This weekend also starts our spring break.  I am so glad - we are all ready for a break.  We are off from school and work all next week(well, the kids and I are).  We don't have much planned, but we will be relaxing and (hopefully) enjoying some outside time.  Yay for Spring.

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