Saturday, April 2, 2011

A fairly relaxing weekend

Today, Cainan had Karate, and did a great job.  We haven't been at Karate for awhile due to the Karate school being off for a few days, and then our trip last weekend.  But he remembered the commands, and basically fell right back into the routine.  I was glad to see that, and he seems to still be having a great time.  That is the most important part - I want him to have fun.  The instructors are really great, and kid around with the kids, and that is the best part.

After Karate, Arlington had a birthday party at a friends house.  I took her and dropped her off, and while she was at the party, I cleaned our master bedroom closet.  It has needed it for awhile, and my mother would be proud!  It took 3 hours (yes you read that right), but I took everything out and put it all back neatly.  I have been in a cleaning mood lately, and after I finished the master closet, I did our front hallway closet as well.  Both look great!  Tomorrow I told the girls to lookout - I was coming to their room.

Arlington had a great time at her birthday party.  It was a "cooking" party.  The mom had made cakes for the girls to decorate, and Arlington had a blast.  Here is what she brought home:
The kids had a piece after dinner.  Mat and I, uh, passed.

She loved this party, and I just thought it was the most clever.  The mom had given them chef hats to decorate, and they each got an Apron that they could decorate as well.
She wore it all evening.
She also spent a couple of hours doing art.  She drew all of her favorite superheroes.  She did a pretty good job.  She doesn't love to draw as much as her sister, but she does love art.  Finley likes to draw - Arlington likes to create.  Mostly with glue.  Lots and lots of glue.
Mat and I are busy working on our rack card to give to other RDH12 families.  A doctor we know has a few patients with RDH12 and asked us to make a card with information and contact numbers that he can give to the families.  We are hopeful that this card will bring more RDH12 families out of the woodwork to join us.  We have 9 children that we know of so far.  Only 76 (give or take) to go in the USA!

Also - our friend, Sylvaine, that we introduced a few post ago - her website went live today, so I wanted to post the link again.  Now it has even more information, so check it out!  She did a great job!

Candle In The Dark

See you all tomorrow!

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