Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Uncle Bob Pletcher

Mat's Uncle Bob passed away today.  He has been ill for awhile, but it still comes as a shock to his loss.  This is Mat's dad's brother.  His eldest brother.  The eldest of 5.

Uncle Bob was a wonderful man.  I loved getting a chance to talk with him when we saw him at family events.  He always had a smile on his face, and a great story to tell.  My favorite was to watch him banter back and forth with Mat and his sons, and his quick wit. 

He will be missed greatly.  There will always be an emptiness felt when we are together with the Pletcher's at family reunions and get togethers.  We have Aunt Gerri, Jon - his wife Brooke and three boys, and Jim on our minds and in our prayers today as they deal with the loss of their husband and father.  We have Grandma Pletcher in our prayers as she deals with the death of her eldest son.  And we have all of his siblings - Ben, Betty, Bill, Barry and their families in our hearts and prayers as they travel this difficult road.

Thank you Uncle Bob for always making me feel welcome in the Pletcher family these last 20 years.  I will miss you very much.

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