Friday, April 22, 2011

For the Grandparents

I realize that I have been neglecting posting pictures for awhile, and if I don't post pictures of the grandchildren soon, I may be disowned.
So please bare with this post and all of its pictures. 

We had a chance to spend a lot of time outside today.  Even thought it was cool, the sun was warm.

The kids had a great time.  After being in the house most of the week due to bad weather, and Cainan's illness, we were glad to spend the majority of the day outside.

While the kids played, I had a chance to rake up a few random leaves that like to collect around our deck.  I also was able to treat the grass, and just do the last of the spring cleanup.

Tonight, Arlington and I are going to see my cousin Kirsten perform "My One and Only" at our local theater.  She took a break from NYC to perform in this show and we are excited that she is so close!

So Arlington and I are having dinner with her and then going to the show.

Tomorrow we don't have much planned.  We will probably get some more plants to fill in what the moles destroyed.

We will be shopping for our Easter Sunday dinner, and getting ready for the Easter Bunny.
I cannot believe that our spring break is almost to an end. Although, I do think the kids are ready to go back to school.  Today, before we went outside, they were having a hard time occupying themselves.
They are used to be being busy, and being with their friends.

This weekend Mat and I will also be working on the fliers for our upcoming Fun Run/Bike/Walk that will be held in Connellsville on August 20th.  We are going to be having a basket raffle - so if you would like to donate a basket, please contact us!  The more the better!  We will also have a tip board for a Crosby Penguins shirt.  And there will be more to announce soon!

And we also found out today, that a wonderful friend of our family was able to "Score" us a SIGNED Crosby Penguins jersey.  This is very cool.  Everyone will have a chance to win this shirt - who wants it.  We are going to auction it off, so details on that will be coming soon.  What a great item for a huge sports fan in your life!

So stay tuned.  More news will be coming your way.  We have more announcements that will be made as they becoming available - so keep checking back! And for those of you in my area - May 7th is the Breakfast for Finley at the Congregational Church.  9-11am - come any time!

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