Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent Day Fourteen

Today's ornament is the Lion and the Lamb
"His rest shall be glorious" Isaiah 11:10b
Today was a busy day, especially for Finley and I.  This morning we signed Finley up for Kumon classes - mainly to help her with her handwriting.  Writing in general is very hard for her with her vision, and she needs more practice.  After that, we went to a playdate with one of her BFFs from Kindergarten.  She has a really great time.  Her little friend's mom is really great, and we had a fun time catching up.  After the playdate, the girls and I went to see the Nutcracker.  A traveling dance troop was doing the Nutcracker at a theater right here in our home town, so the girl scouts were going.  The girls seemed to enjoy it.  It will be nice to take them, maybe next year, to see the Boston Ballet perform the Nutcracker.
Now we are sitting and watching a Christmas movie and relaxing.  Finley and I were gone from 9:30 to 5pm without a stop, so we are tired.  Tomorrow we are hoping to see Santa and get our family Christmas ornament.  Only two weeks to Christmas and this family is getting VERY excited! 

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