Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Day Ten

Today's ornament is Wheat.
This little wheat is so pretty.  It was handmade - we got it from a little shop on Etsy.  I love how it is braided.

"Thy people shall be my peole, and they God my God." - Ruth 1:16b

Not much to report from today.  I volunteered in Finley and Cainan's classrooms today.  It was fun on both accounts.  This afternoon I filled two more ordered for bracelets and made 20 more.  It is keeping me busy, but I love it.

I am still selling bracelets and braille shirts and braille prints, and you still have time if you want some for Christmas.  The bracelets make great stocking stuffers!  I have enjoyed all the different styles you have come up with.

Tonight is puppy school with Scooby.  Hopefully it will go as well as last week.  Today it has been raining, so he hasn't had much exercise.  Hopefully puppy school will at least tire him out.  He is growing by leaps and bounds.  He is still mostly fur, but he is getting tall.  And he is getting ornery.  

Tomorrow Mat is home from work (yay!) and we are going to do a little shopping.  We are basically done, but just want to add a little thing or two for stockings.  We also have two of the three kid's fall conferences with their teachers tomorrow.  I think Mat is going to attend the conferences since I talk with the teachers pretty often  Arlington already got her report card and did great.  The only place she needs to improve is handwriting.  And that is nothing new.  She likes speed over neatness any day.

Only 19 more days until Christmas.  Hard to believe.  This fall has just sped by us.

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