Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Advent Day Twenty Four

Today's ornament:  an angel
This ornament was made by me.  14 years ago in fact.  They were attached to the place cards when Mat and I had our wedding reception.  I made 100's of them.  Our wedding was close to Christmas, so I made these ornaments.  They were fun to make at the time.  We have a few that still hang on our tree each year, so it seemed fitting to put one on our advent tree.

 "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." Luke 2:14

Today was a run around with errands day for me.  Nothing exciting.  This afternoon we babysat a neighbor girl.  Finley went to Daisies.  Arlington stayed after school to work on a project with her class.  Busy, busy this last week.  Finley loves daisies.  Our wonderful neighbor is the leader and she does amazing projects with the girls.  Each time she comes home with something great.  I am glad to see her enjoying it so much.

This evening was puppy school.  Scooby did great.  He is the best behaved dog - he really is.  Does he have crazy puppy tendencies?  You bet.  But he listens.  And he is a fast learner.  And he is great with the kids.  He was funny this morning - he likes to come with me when I get Arlington up for school.  Those two have a special bond.  He is always so excited to see her in the morning.  After she left for school, I went to her room to clean up, and Scooby followed me.  He searched everywhere in that room for her.  He couldn't figure out why he couldn't find her.  It was pretty cute.

Tomorrow starts Mat's vacation for Christmas.  It is great having him home.  He is off until January 2nd, so it is a nice long break.  He deserves it.  He is one hardest working person I know.  Never complains.  But he needs a break.

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