Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advent Day Twelve

Today's ornament is a Bible
We found this one at a Christian bookstore.
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path"  Psalm 119:105

Today - I want to talk about how proud of Cainan I am.  Cainan - our kid that we worry about academically because he had a hard start, and struggled so much to catch up - had an AMAZING parent conference yesterday.

I have been in the mind set, for a long time, that Cainan may need to repeat Kindergarten (or do what they do in our district, which is put them in a transitional class between Kindergarten and 1st grade) and that would be just fine.  I felt like he would need the extra time to catch up, feel confident, and just grow into himself.

So - when I sat down with his teacher last night, I was ready to hear that information.  But you know what I heard instead?  Cainan is doing end of Kindergarten year work.  He is confident, making connections, drawing conclusions.  He is talking in front of the class.  He is a good friend and very easy going.  He is happy all the time (this we know - he IS).  He is friends with everyone, and very out going.  He knows beginning, middle, and end sounds of words.  He is writing SENTENCES.  He knows all his Kindergarten sight words and recognizes them in different context.  He can write his numbers up to 30 and count even higher.  He can write his upper and lower case letters.

His teacher was just so pleased.  He isn't shutting down.  He is participating and doing so well.  So I asked "you think he is on track to go to first grade" and her answer?  "Absolutely".


I could have done a little happy dance.  I might have done a little cheer in front of the teacher.  Which she didn't mind.  I was having a hard time not crying.  Cainan - doing well.  Doing really, really well.

The light bulb is coming on in that little head of his.  He is putting it together.  And we couldn't be prouder of him.

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The Kovalls said...

Yay, Cainan! We love that little guy so much, and it is wonderful to see that he is thriving - thanks to his wonderful parents :-)