Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Another Christmas day has come and gone.  Our day started ridiculously early at 6:30 am.  These kids are trying to kill me.  Arlington was the first one up.  She said she was up at 6:11, but held it together in her room until 6:30 before coming to see us.  How nice of her.  Cainan was also up, but Finley was not.  It only took her about 10 minutes to be "accidentally woken up" by her brother and sister.

It was hard to contain them upstairs long enough for Mat and I to grab the camera and take their picture coming down the stairs.  The opening of the presents lasted 1 hour.  After the months of planning, wrapping, careful detail - 60 minutes went by and it was all over. 
They were excited about everything.  Finley was jumping around about the orange that was in her stocking.  It is so fun to watch their faces on Christmas morning.

After the chaos was over, and all the presents unwrapped - the kids spent the rest of the day playing with their new toys and watching their new movies.

Arlington and I built her Night Bus from Harry Potter lego set.  We started putting together one of her Harry Potter puzzles.  Mat and Cainan added his new geotrax to his set.  Finley did a ton of art.  They all ate their weight in candy and sweets.  Now it is evening and everyone is winding down.  Hopefully we can get them to bed at a decent time tonight.

Tomorrow we are going to do some post Christmas shopping and hopefully find some discounted Christmas decorations to add to our collection.  Then we will spend the rest of the day packing for our trip.  We are looking forward to seeing family this week.  Our kids still have two more Christmas celebrations to attend. 

Merry Christmas to everyone.  We hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends and loved ones.  Enjoy the pictures of our day.

Coming down the stairs:
 Reading the note from Santa:
 Finley got a soft Monster High doll she wanted:
 Arlington eating an apple out of her stocking and holding a stuffed Goldendoodle dog:
 Cainan getting things out of his stocking:
 Finley got a Rapunzel doll:
 Arlington got Creme Brulee nuts and bubble gum.  She takes after her Grammy and Papa:
 Scooby got a stocking too.  I found a Goldendoodle stocking on Pottery Barn, would you believe:
 Cainan got some Batman books:
 Cainan playing with his toy story toy:
 Opening presents from their sister:
 Finley got a Skelipig to add to her Skelanimal collection:

 Transformers for Cainan:
 Arlington got a Harry Potter puzzle:
 Arlington got a Disney fairy:
 The mess!

 End of Christmas - this is what the room looked like:
 My new chairs.  This breakfast table didn't have them, so Mat got them for me.  We just have to stain them:
 Scooby playing outside.  He was overwhelmed today:

 My new cabinet for my entertainment center.  Mat built it for me:
 Finley made a snow globe picture

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