Thursday, December 22, 2011

Twas the night before the night before the night before Christmas

And all through the Pletcher house were sounds for plastic cutting into our fingers and more twisty ties than you can imagine being undone around toys.

Yeah.  Tonight - we assemble for Santa.  National security would have trouble breaking into these toys.  They make sure that you are NEVER going to steal these toys.

Mat and I started our day with breakfast out.  Without children.  It was a beautiful thing.  Don't get me wrong -my kids are pretty well behaved when we go out.  But we are always on alert.  It isn't really relaxing to eat out with them - it is more like work.  So this was nice.  We talked.  We sat.  We didn't hurry.

This evening we went to look at a piano.  Now that Finley is taking lessons, we felt that we needed to move beyond the electric keyboard and upgrade to a piano.  But, because she is 5, and not a concert pianist, we were looking for a FREE piano, or a low cost piano.  We had found several online, but we found out that moving a piano with professional movers is quite expensive.  So, we were really hopeful for the free one.

And we got lucky.  Tonight, we went and saw a free piano.  We had low expectations since it was free.  But we got there and were pleasantly surprised.  It is only 15 years old, and is a good name.  We played it and it sounded wonderful.  We are going to go and get it after the holidays and we are so happy.  I am so glad we were able to get this piano for Finley.  She was excited that it was going to be hers.  She doesn't get to do everything everyone else does.  She doesn't get to play sports.  So - this will be for her.  It is going to be great.  What a find!

Tomorrow the kids have their last day of school before break.  They are having their holiday parties and they are excited.  So we will only have one whole day to contain their excitement at home before Christmas.

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