Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doggies and yard work

Today was a beautiful day.  I put the kids on the bus, and then ran an errand, and was coming back to work in the yard.

But my wonderful friend Maria called me to see if I was busy and wanted to come by and discuss fundraisers in our area, so I said sure!!  We had a great time this morning, and I can't wait to talk about the 3 fundraisers (yes 3!!) we are going to be doing this year in our area.  Yay!! 

I went home rejuvenated and ready to tackle the yard.  I took the dogs outside with me, and Shaggy - the little one - immediately left the yard to visit a neighbor.  Our neighbors are really sweet and dog lovers, and our dogs know it.  Our immediate next door neighbor is Scooby's favorite person in the whole wide world.  He literally climbs over me in the car to get to her, or runs to her as soon as he sees her. 
 Shaggy has made a little girlfriend in the neighborhood.  He has only met her once and she is 7 years his senior, but he doesn't care.  He went down to her yard and was rolling around in her yard, showing off.  Got muddy.  Every time we walk past this doggie's house in the morning, he whines because I won't let him go in the yard.  It is a crazy crush.

 So.....Shaggy has to be on a chain in our yard right now.  He isn't quite sure of his name, so he doesn't always come back when we call him.  And Scooby will try to get him to come back, but Shaggy thinks it is a game, so just runs further.  It is too much exercise for me, so I need one of them to be stationary.

Anyway - Yard is shaping up nicely.  I was out there for about 6 hours today (on and off) and got a ton done.  But there is still a ton to do.  Hopefully the week's weather will stay nice so that I can continue.  I want to get most of the clearning/trimming done before the leaves are fully back on the trees.  It is easier to do it now while I can see.

I love the yard work.  I really do.  Being out in the fresh air, soaking up the vitamin D.....can't beat it.  I don't mind the bramble, the bugs (most of the time), and the hard work.  I am proud when I get the yard in shape.  And I am looking forward to doing some more planting of flowers now that I have cleared more room for them.


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