Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Puppy school take two

Today was Shaggy's turn to go to puppy school.  He did pretty good.  There are 6 other puppies in the class, so he was completely distracted, but he didn't pee on anyone, he didn't jump, and he didn't try to get away during playtime.  I think he was happy to have dogs his same size to play with.  There are some really cute puppies this time.  Arlington came with me and she was really happy to get to see all the dogs.  This will be our last puppy school, so I knew she wouldn't want to miss it.

Today was nuts, so I am cutting this post short.  I volunteered in Finley and Cainan's classrooms this morning one right after the other.  Then I spent 4 hours in the yard getting it a little further along.  I have a lot of room for new plants - I can't wait!  I started to move the 400,000 (okay a slight exaggeration) daffodils that popped up all over the year.  They.are.everywhere.  I got about a 1/4 of them moved to new homes.  We have a ton in the middle of our grass area. 

I watched our little neighbor girl for a little while this afternoon, and then I took Arlington to Lacrosse since Mat had a late meeting.  Then it was on to puppy school. 

So - not much to report today.  Although, I do want to say that I got an email from Finley's braille teacher today saying how well she is doing.  She has learned so much.  She is starting to write words with the brailler!  It is great.  She has been really into writing print as well, so I think it is great that she has interest in both.  She is flying through the braille, and we are really proud of her.  She seems to love it.

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