Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring break day 3

Today was the kids' officially first day of no school during spring break.  And Finley was up at 6:45.  She is awesome.

She played quietly in her room for a.....few minutes.  She is usually the LAST one up, so she has entertainment.  No idea why she was up so early today. 

She then decided to go downstairs and see what the dogs were up to.  Shaggy was on his leash sitting on the front porch.  (when they want to be outside, but we can't watch them, they have to stay tied until we get an electrical fence.  Otherwise they try and visit the neighbors.)  She went out, took off his collar, and got very upset and started to cry. 

Neither dog roams far.  For 90% of the time, they don't leave the yard when they are loose.  They are pretty good about that.  But for the other 10% - they find every mud puddle, swamp, neighboring yard they can find to cause a little mischief.

So, she cried loudly, and woke the other two up.  So much for starting our "non school day" a little later than usual.  Sigh.

It was record high heat today, so we spent a good bit outside playing, and then got out the kids' little pool.  It is just a place to cool off on hot summer days (our neighbor has a regular pool - can't wait for that to open!) or an unusually hot day in April.
They had a great time splashing in there for about 4 hours today.  Our little neighbor girl came over to join in the fun.  I got  a lot of yard work done while they splashed around.

The dogs really wanted to get in as well.  No chance puppies.

Today was also the Boston Marathon.  One of these years I would love to go down and watch, or volunteer.  The winners finished the marathon in around 2 hours.  That is so impressive.  I don't think I could walk a marathon in less than.....let's say, 3 days.
But it was near 90 degrees today.  I watched some of it on TV.  But I am sure a lot of people were suffering from the heat.  I hope people made smart choices about running in that kind of heat.
Tomorrow we are going to have high heat again, but then it will start to cool off.  I am glad only because I am ready to SLOWLY get into summer heat.  I would like some 60-70 degree days before we jump to 90.

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