Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sweet Sunday

Today I sit on the couch tired from a long, yet productive and fun, weekend.

Aunt Betty is safely on her way home now.  We were so glad she was with us for the last 4 days.  We haven't seen her since Christmas.  I am glad she was able to come and see us and the kids, and she helped me a ton while she was here.  We organized Finley's closet (it looks amazing) and we planted about 50 new plants.  She was a great help.

And of course - the kids loved having someone who never says "no" to play with.

Arlington has her 2nd Lacrosse game today, and she did amazing.  She is really getting the hang of the game and was in there and really showing great effort today.  She was tired when it was over, but we were proud of her.  Lacrosse is a hard game to understand, but she is picking it up well, and she seems to enjoy it.

Finley had a birthday party today, and she had a great time.  I am pleased to say that I was able to leave her at the party so I could go to Arlington's game.  She stayed with the other kids and participated - big step!  It was at a gymnastics center, which she thought was neat, so that helped.

Tonight I am trying to figure out what camps to send the kids to this summer OR what activities they will do.  The activities are harder because our summer is broken up with a vacation, a trip to the LCA conference, and the big Fundraiser in August in Pennsylvania.  I would love for the littles to take swimming lessons and Arlington to go back to weekly tennis lessons.  But they might miss quite a few with our travels.

Arlington is doing Camp Invention this summer for one week, and she is looking forward to that.  I am trying to figure out what she might do besides that.  I would like her to do something outdoor, but a lot of the "variety camps" are unbelievable in price. 

I think that Cainan and Finley will do a gymnastics camp.  It looks like a lot of fun.  The place where we went for the birthday party today was really nice, and they offer a very reasonable camp. 

This coming Friday is our first fundraiser in our new town.  I am looking forward to it.  We are going to play Bunco, eat sweets, and have a few laughs all in the name of raising money for our RDH12 fund for Sight.  We have around 40 people coming - the number we were hoping for.  I promise to take pictures.

Tomorrow the latest newsletters go out in the mail (from our RDH12 group).  I am a bit behind on sending them out in the mail/handing them out, because I was waiting to attach our August 25th race brochures. 

This post is turning random.

Tomorrow back to school.  This week brings more guest with the arrival of my mother, sister in law, Tricia, and her two boys "E" and "J" on Thursday.  We are looking forward to their visit.

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