Thursday, April 12, 2012

The great daffodil move of 2012

For the last several days, I have been working in the yard.  Today it rained off and on, but I was out there anyway!  Eh, what is a little rain - helps rinse off the dirt.
Anyway - we have flowers popping up all over the place.  Obviously I missed a few bulbs when I was moving some things in August - mainly things that had already died off for the season.

In this case, it would be about a trillion daffodils.  The people who lived here before us must have loved them or got them at a great discount because they are EVERYWHERE.

 I have started the process of digging them up and moving them around.  They don't bloom long - I have never been a big fan of them.  But it seemed a waste to get ride of all of them.
  So I moved them around.  I think I have moved about 3/4 of them.  The last ones are the pretty ones that are growing right in the middle of the yard.  I have left those for last for two reasons:  1) They look really pretty right now.  2) I don't really want to dig up the yard and I am avoiding that task.

 Tonight the kids and I planted some seeds in our little indoor garden.  It is time to start to grow our seedlings for our veggie garden that Mat will plant in the beginning of the summer (hopefully).
 They had a good time putting the seeds in. 
 Arlington did all the labels.
 We have a nice big window above our kitchen sink, so that is where they will stay for now.  Plus from there, the kids can watch for any changes.  Hopefully we will start to see some sprouts in about a week.
 Tonights Lacrosse practice for Arlington was canceled due to the rain, and I was not sad about that.  It was really cold after it rained.  Instead we ate dinner and watched a movie together.  It was nice not to have to run anywhere tonight.

Last bit of exciting news - today the American Girl doll that we had donated from American Girl arrived!
 She will be part of our basket raffle in August at the 5K/10K!  So awesome.  We are going to have all kinds of other American Girl doll items in this basket - you are going to want to bid on this one!  You DO NOT have to be coming to the event to buy tickets to win her and her "loot"!  Anyone can buy a ticket!  If you don't know - American Girl dolls are $110.  I know - ridiculous.  You could win her plus about $200 worth of "loot" that goes with her for the low cost of $5/ticket.  You could get 10 tickets for $40!!  Savings!  You know you want too!

Stay tuned for more exciting baskets soon!!

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Want to take a gardening vacation in Maine? I have a yard that needs tending! :)