Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs

This evening we dyed Easter eggs. 
 The kids had been looking forward to it all day.
We dyed 11 eggs.  We did break one.
 The kids had a great time.  Here is their finished work:
I am going to make them into deviled eggs - otherwise they will never all get eaten.
In the end, the kids wanted to make bunny faces with their eggs:
Today was busy from beginning to end.  We had Kumon, and Softball practice.  Mat worked on the taxes and got those finished.  The kids played outside all day.  It wasn't that warm, but they didn't care.  The neighborhood kids were over all day hanging out.  The dogs played and played and are right now dead to the world on the floor.
Tonight we hide the eggs.  The kids are excited.  While this is nothing compared to the night before Christmas, they are still excited to egg hunt in the morning.  This is our first Easter in the new house - lots of new places to hide those eggs!

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