Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Upcoming Fundraisers in Massachusetts

I am happy to say that we are making some serious headway here in Massachusetts for fundraisers for Finley.  It is hard when you are in a new town trying to find a venue.  We don't know very many people, so breaking in has not been easy.

I have a great friend, Maria, who is also kind of a newbie to this area, but has taken on our cause.  She is been more than helpful in coming up with ideas, and helping me think of new ones when we can't make something work. 

FINALLY she took the bull by the horns and we are now talking about 3 wonderful events we are going to have!  Can't wait.  The first one is Bunco.  This is an easy dice game that you play while you gossip.  What could be better?  We are going to have that on May 4th, June 8th, and July 13th.  It has the possibility of bringing in about $1200/time so you can't beat that!  I am looking forward to that.  It will be RDH12 Bunco Babes (named by Maria - love it).  Cost is going to be $20/person, and they have a chance to win $100/$50/$20 for three different prizes.

July 15th we are having "Swim for Fin" which the Scouts in Littleton are going to be helping with/attending.  We were given an AWESOME rate at a local pool and it will be open just for our party.  Can't wait!  Again - the name came from Maria - she has totally missed her calling.  Cost will be $6/person, $20/family.  They can swim for 3 1/2 hours, and there will be a snack provided.  Plus the snack bar will be open!  Finley is going to love it - she loves to swim.  And we have awesome scout troops here in our town, so I am sure it is going to be a ton of fun.

Last will be a spaghetti dinner in October.  October 6th is the date we are shooting for.  We (Maria and I) think we have found the perfect venue and we went to check it out the other day.  It is here in our town, so we are keeping it local.  Details are going to be coming on that one, but at least we have a date and a venue in the works, which has been the most difficult thing.

So......look out MA!  We are so excited to introduce our part of the world to Finley and our cause.  From what we have seen so far from our area, the outpouring of support has been amazing.  The people we have known for just a few short months have taken on our cause and made it their own.  And Maria - I cannot do it without you.  I am so glad I have you!

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The Kovalls said...

Love the Swim for Fin idea!