Sunday, April 22, 2012

Short and Sweet

Today is the last day of Spring Break.  The kids were sad going to be tonight knowing that tomorrow we will have to get dressed and ready in the normal hurried fashion.  We got a taste of what summer vacation will be like, and we are more ready for it than ever.

It has rained all day today.  Just poured.  I was not sad, though, because we haven't had real rain in weeks, and our plants and grass are really suffering.  It is supposed to rain until Tuesday, which is fine by me.  At least it isn't snow, which is what my parents are expecting in Western PA.

Today Mat and I saw "Cabin in the Woods".  Our great little babysitter came to spend a few hours with our kids, so we could go.  We had seen "Hunger Games" on Friday, and both movies were good.  Hunger Games was better in my eyes, but Mat really enjoyed Cabin in the Woods.  It is by his favorite TV write - Josh Weadon, so that makes sense.

Tomorrow I am subbing for the high school in our town.  I am unsure how I feel about that.  For one - I have never been inside the high school before, so I have no idea where anything is.  I am not comfortable with just "jumping in" when it comes to nursing, but I am told that it is the easiest of the 4 buildings to sub.  I think they told me that just to get me to say yes, but it worked.  I only have to be there from 9-2, so I think I will survive.  My biggest concern is that it is the first day back after a long vacation - the kids are definitely not going want to be there.

We have about 44 more school days left.  We are almost to summer


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