Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

 The kids were up bright and early this morning for their egg hunt.  In our house the Easter bunny hides a certain number of eggs for each child and each egg is marked with an "A", "C" of "F" (for their first names for those of you who don't know us well).  We have found that this works really well for Finley and makes it easier for her to hunt, so we have done this the last several years.

In the eggs are either candy or a number.  The numbers correlate with a present with their name and number on it.  The kids think this is fun, and my kids love unwrapping things more than anything else, so it is a win/win.

They had a great time.  Finley didn't do bad with the hunt - she found all of her eggs by herself.  She is slow at it, but she doesn't care.  The dogs were outside during the hunt because there was no way they were going to leave the eggs they could reach alone.  they got to come back in once the hunt was over.

After the hunt and presents were opened, we had Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast.  We were going to make pancakes, but the kids voted on DD this time

The rest of the day the kids played outside with the neighbor kids.  We had to drag them in at dinner time.  We went out for dinner due to the fact that we decided we didn't want to cook.  It was nice.  The restaurant wasn't crowded, we took Finley's favorite card game "old maid" along, and had great time.

Tomorrow is back to school for one more week before spring break.  The kids are looking forward to the break.  I am looking forward to not having to pack lunches at 6:30am and getting everyone out the door. 

Tomorrow I am going to visit the Transitional program in the morning to see how it works and take a look at the room for setup for Finley.  Her teacher of the vision impaired will go in later during the week and then we will compare notes.

Enjoy the pictures from today:

Dogs sleeping Easter Eve.  They love each other:
 The Easter Loot:
 Coming down the stairs this morning:
 Finley starts the hunt:
 Cainan finds an egg:

 Opening the eggs:

 Shaggy wanted to help:

 Shaggy wants to help:
The kids trying Hard Boiled eggs for the first time:

Arlington did not want to eat it:
 The two littles liked them.  See Arlington in the background?  She is running to rinse out her mouth:
 Cainan's loot:
 Finley's loot:
 Arlington's loot:

Having breakfast:

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