Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Break coming to an end

We have had company for 1/2 of the week.  My parents have come in to visit, and help get the yard more in shape.  And because of that, I have let blogging slip a bit.  I know no one minds.

Today Mat took Arlington and Cainan to Boston's Comic Convention.  When we lived in Connecticut they would go to the one in New York and have a great time.  And before kids, Mat and I used to go to San Diego Comic Con, and it was amazing.  I used to meet a lot of Hollywood stars there.

Mat said the Boston one was fine.  Not as big as the NYC one, and definitely nothing like San Diego.  But the kids had a great time. 

Finley didn't have any interest in going, so she stayed home and spent the day as an only child.  I think she liked that a lot.

We played about 100 games of Old Maid with her.  She helped make some bread with my mom.  She helped my dad vacuum.  Then we took her to a local Butterfly place to watch the butterflies fly around which she loved.

It was a good day.  Tomorrow my parents go home.  It is supposed to pour down rain.  Mat and I are getting a baby sitter so we can see a movie, and Arlington has a lacrosse game, unless it gets rained out.

Monday it is back to school for the home stretch.  We have less than 40 days to go to the end of school.

Enjoy the pictures Finley wanted me to take of the butterflies!

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