Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So, things are not going well with our new little guy.  We have had him for 5 weeks, and we are no closer to potty training than we were on day one.

He has been to the vet numerous times.  The vet feels that this is beyond just a "stubborness to train" issue.  He will have accidents in the house 4-5 times a day.  Just random times.  And random places.  He will have an accident while he is standing at his bowl eating.  We take him outside to go, and then he does, and we come inside, and 5 minutes later he goes again.

We were told to not give him water unless it is meal times, or he has been outside running around.  We do that and it has not made any improvement.

He also does seem extremely thirsty.  Diabetes has been discussed.  We have tried antibiotics, muscle control medications, anxiety medication, etc.  Nothing helps.

Shaggy also seems to be hard of hearing.  He doesn't respond to his name or us talking to him about 70% of the time.  Outside - forget about it.  Even if he is just sitting in one spot.  No response.

He is very timid and shy, but he does love to play with Scooby.  They are the best of friends.  But around us - he is.....okay.  He doesn't cowar, but he doesn't seek us out for attention.  If we approach him, he will hide under the table a lot of the times. 

So - we have been talking to the vet and to the breeder, and to our dog trainer for the last couple of weeks.  And yesterday we came to the decision that we are all at a loss, and at the end of what we can do for this little man.  He is not our only dog, and we have three kids.  So we don't feel we can devote the attention he needs to meet his needs right now.

He needs a family that can help him and figure out what is going on with him better than we can.  We have tried everything we could, and now it is the end for us.

So......tomorrow he is going back to the breeder.  She will take the time to figure him out and then find him a new family.  We are sad - Arlington is especially sad.  She cried most of the day, and then she started acting out.  Scooby is really going to miss his playmate.

This has not stopped us from wanting a second dog.  It really has helped having him here - Scooby has an outlet for all the pent up puppy energy, and it has been fun watching them together.  We just need to find a better fit.

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The Kovalls said...

Awww - bummer. I'm sure someone will take him and help him out - he's a cutie!