Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March crazy good weather brings April flowers

Today I had a really fun Garden Club meeting, and worked in the yard all afternoon trying to make a dent in the weeds.

While I was out there, I was admiring the last of our spring flowers.  Some of these flowers will bloom from now until the end of summer, but most are just here for a short while in the spring.  I have already missed some that are done blooming.

I am not a big fan of "just spring bloomers".  But some of them were here in the yard already, so I just re homed them and kept them for a little spring color.  I just wish they would last until my summer blooms came out so that there wouldn't be this period where I am sad the spring flowers are gone and overly anxious for the summer flowers to appear.

I grabbed the camera and took the pictures of the things blooming in the yard right now.  And a few things getting ready to bloom....


Daffodils - a few are still hanging on:
 These flowers are from my tulip tree:
 Here is the whole tree:
 White lilac bush:
 Purple lilac bush:
 No idea:

 Different purple lilac bush:
 Pretty little ground cover:
 Small little daffodil:
 Bleeding heart:
 Azeleas - most of them have stopped blooming and are boring green bushes:

 This next one I am pretty excited about.  This is our crab apple tree:
 Do you know why I am so excited?  Because this is the tree that fell over last October in the bad snow storm.  Mat stood it back up and look at it now:
 This next one is by far the prettiest tree in our yard.  We have two.  They are red buds:
 Red bud up close:
 Lily of the valley:

 Magnolia on the magnolia tree:

This next one doesn't have a flower yet, but I love the leaves.  And it is an amazing flower in the fall:
 This one I scared Scooby when I saw it because I did a little screech and a happy dance.  My very first iris is starting to make its appearance.  Can't wait!:
 I did a little screech about the next one too.  I thought the squirrels had dug these up last year.  I had to move 5 of them because they were getting too much sun, and I didn't think any of them survived,  This week, they started to appear, and it looks like 4 of the 5 made it.  They are Jack in the pulpit and are AMAZING.  And I think they are protected, so I wanted to save them if I could:
Here is what it will look like, eventually:
Then it will get these berries:
Hope you enjoyed our garden tour!!  Can't wait for those summer flowers to start to show up.

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