Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When things seem crazy

Lately, things around our house are nuts.  With two dogs, three children, and a husband who travels a good bit, our house is in constant motion.  We never seem to be caught up.  We never are moving fast enough to get where we need to be.

Yesterday, in our old hometown of Salem, Conneticut (population a little over 2000 people) a small child was killed in a terrible accident.  He was a first grader.  He was home on spring break with him family - helping his dad.  He got too close to the woodchipper and was killed.  While his siblings watched.

My heart stopped when I was given the news yesterday.  I just couldn't believe in an instant a little 7 year old boy was dead.  Just like that.  One minute laughing in the yard with his siblings and family, and the next minute, that family's whole world was changed.

We all need to slow down.  To take more time to walk slowly, play, laugh.  Look what happened in an instant.  It can happen to any of us - the minute we turn our back, stop paying attention, think we have everything under control.

In an instant nothing else seemed important.  Not practices, getting dressed quickly, packing lunches, shooing everyone out the door on time.  Nothing is that important that we can't slow down and enjoy life as it comes instead of rushing it by.

Gone.  This little man is gone.  His family will never be the same.  How they will always wish they had one more minute with him.

Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight and remember this family in your prayers.  Today Salem did a balloon launch to mark his passing.  A small town with big hearts is coming together for this family in need.

What an amazing place.


The Kovalls said...

That is just the most awful thing ever. That poor family. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Really puts life in prospective, doesn't it