Monday, April 23, 2012

It was like SO high school

I know my family will forgive me for not having pictures on this post today because I actually WENT to work today. 

Today I was the substitute nurse at our local high school.  I have never been at the high school as the nurse before because - in reality - I have no DESIRE to spend my days with teenagers.  I have three children in my house that I will have to watch go through the teenage years, so I don't really want to deal with other people's teenagers.

When we lived in Connecticut, and I was offered my school nursing job, I was given a choice.  I could work in the high school, or I could work in the elementary.  It was a no brainer.  I would not touch the high school nursing position with a 10 foot pole.

Teenagers are getting a bad rap from me, I can see.  But my whole nursing career, the only other time I worked with teenagers was when I first started.  It lasted for about 6 months and I was extremely grateful when a position became available on the school age floor in the hospital.  I was outa there.

My mother, my brother, and my sister in law are all high school teachers.  They are amazing at their jobs and were built to deal with those ages.  I......was not.  I love my littles.  The hugs, the fact that bandaids fix everything, and most things in my office are "magic". 

But I lost my sanity, and agreed to work in the high school today.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous.  These are kids who are almost adults.  They drive, have attitudes, and use bad language.  And they aren't big on hygiene by personal choice.

I was pleasantly surprised today by the kids.  Every single kid I saw had manners.  No one gave me a hard time.  They all said please and thank you.  They smiled and joked.  A group of girls at lunch in the nurses office for goodness knows what reason, but it was kind of neat.

They didn't bother me.   I actually didn't see more than 20 of them while I was there, which was surprising.

Although, I did find it interesting that every kid that came into the office had a pair of headsets in their ears.  Every single one.  Oh, and they were all towering over me like they took some kind of steriods.

Okay, okay - I am just short.

Mostly all they wanted as medication for headaches., that was about it.  You can tell they don't sleep much.

I survived.  And if they call me again, I will go back.  I am glad I said yes, because otherwise teenagers in my mind would by "like so not happening".

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