Friday, April 13, 2012

Time for a break

Spring Break that is!

For all of those who thought I meant a break in blogging, I am sorry to disappoint you.  But I will keep the post short.

Kids had their last day of school today before break.  They are off all next week, and they are very excited.  I am too just because it means that no one has to get up at 6:30 am, and I am not spending the first two hours of every morning begging kids to get ready for school and eat a little faster.

Sure - they will be up early, but we won't have anywhere we need to be.  Although I think Arlington has Lacrosse practice.  But that is no biggie.  That is daddy's job.

My parents are coming in next Wednesday and staying through the weekend.  That will help.  I think it is supposed to rain starting on Wednesday, so we will need entertainment.

My plans for the week?  Keeping everyone alive - including the dogs (who have discovered a new house to visit) and working in the yard.  I can only guarantee the second half of that sentence will come true.

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