Sunday, January 29, 2012

2 Parties, 1 girl

Finley had two birthday parties to attend today.  Thanks to good luck, the parties did not overlap, so she could go to both.

The first party was for her best girlfriend "L".  She was excited to go to this party.  There were only 6 little girls there.  It was a "rock 'n roll" theme party - very cute.  "L's" dad even bought a fog machine which the girls thought was awesome.  Finley has a rock 'n roll theme outfit she wore.  I forgot my camera at that party - bummer.  She had a great time.  I did too - I got to talk to some of the mom's of the little girls (who are all in Finley's class at school) and catch up.

Finley did get some tattoos at the first party.  Finley is attracted to tattoos like a moth to a flame.  She went a little bit overboard:

After that party, we left to go to our neighbor "M's" 6th birthday party.  Her mom and dad Lisa and Andy have been great neighbors to us.  We have had so much fun with them.  Finley and Arlington both were invited to this party.  It was a princess party.  Arlington didn't want to dress up (she is really kind of beyond that in general) but Finley wore her fancy Belle dress.

I did take some pictures at this party.  It was great fun.  Lisa can put on a party.  I posted the pictures below - wait until you see the cake she made!  I am very jealous of her unending party talents.  She did tell me she would like to make cakes for my kids for their birthdays.  They made me do a little "yipee" inside.

It was a fun day, and Finley was exhausted by the end.  Poor Cainan - no parties for him today.  But he got some daddy time, which he likes just as much.

Tonight we ordered pizza, watched a movie as a family, and sat by the fire.  It was a great Sunday.

 Megan's dad played a grumpy old troll - and put on fake hair and a mustache:

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