Saturday, January 7, 2012

A better day

Today was much better than yesterday.  At least I had Mat home today to help handle the craziness.  This morning I helped chaperone a Daisy troop outing as their nurse.  Finley was under the weather, and couldn't go, but I still wanted to chaperone since I promised.  We had a good time, and it got me out of the house for a few hours.

Finley did get dressed up for sitting on the couch though - had on tights and everything.  Weirdo.  She and Cainan cuddled and played a game for a good part of the morning.  Those two love each other like biological twins.  It is really sweet.
This afternoon, Mat took Arlington snow tubing, but they quickly returned.  Being that it is 50 degrees today, the girl at the ski resort warned them that the mountain was not great today.  And she was right.  So - they will save snow tubing for another day - if it ever gets colder.  I am NOT complaining, but it is weird.

This evening we played a few board games with the kids and ordered pizza.  We played Apples to Apples (kids edition), and Finley wanted to be on her own.  She was picking some pretty interesting cards for her choices and when we questioned her motives she said "don't you know....I can't read!"  Very true. 
I forgot to share the other day that Finley was cracking us up after we put her to bed.  My parents were here and we took all the Christmas stuff out of her room.  She was pretty upset to see her tree go most of all.  She has a little pink tree at Christmas time and it is one of her favorite things.  After we put her to bed and came downstairs, we could hear her singing.  After awhile, my mom and I went up to listen at the door, and she was singing "I'm so sad!!  They took my tree away.  Christmas is over.....I am so sad!"  She is so silly.

Scooby is back in our good graces today.  He has a stomach bug, so we feel bad for him.  Poor baby.  He is also lucky he is really, really cute and fluffy. 

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