Friday, January 20, 2012


I was going to blog about Arlington tonight because I had spoken about Finley and Cainan, and felt my big girl needed a turn.

But she was annoying and whiny and a drama queen all day today, so she lost her turn.  We will try again tomorrow.

I saw this on Pinterest (I do not understand this site yet, but it has some cute stuff on it) and it made me think of Mat.  Who is a geneticist.

So true. 

He has a shirt that says "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research".  Probably my all time favorite.

All kidding aside, Mat is a great scientist.  He will never say so, and he blushes and gives me a nudge when I say so outloud to people.  But we are very proud of him.  He worked hard for his doctorate degree.  He works very hard at his job and he is well respected in the science community. 

And on top of everything, his knowledge has been invaluable to us with Finley's diagnosis.  His connections, his ability to "talk science" to the researcher who works on her gene (and anyone else we come across) has moved our foundation along at an amazing pace.  Having someone who can "talk the talk" has come in very handy.

Where he is now was so worth all the late nights in the lab (with me helping him label endless tubes of goodness knows what), working weekends, making nothing but pennies for the hours he worked for years.  He is not the director of orphan diseases at Pfizer. 

And he still gives 100% to his family.

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