Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There is no denying that we are a book loving family.  Arlington could devour a book a day.  Even Cainan - who was a little slow on getting into being read to has really come into loving books.

So - since not much is going on today (kids had a half day at school and have been torturing me keeping me company all day), so I thought I would tell you what myself and the kids are reading.

Mat just finished the Michael Crichton book, Micro.  These days, most of his "reading" is in the form of books on CD during his work commute, so he listens to quite a few books a month.  If you click on the name of the book, it will take you to a discription of the book, if you are interested.

Arlington is reading 39 Clues.

She is on the 2nd book in the series.  I think there are about 12 books at this point.  She seems to really like it.  Arlington is a Mystery junky.  I figured she would like these.  She got one for Christmas, and tore through it, so she took the next book out of the library.

We still read to Arlington at night.  She loves being read to as much as she likes reading on her own.  So, Mat and I take turn picking series to read to her.  Since she and I spent a whole year together on Harry Potter, it was his turn.  At the book fair, he picked up a book (for 25 cents) called "Heck where the Bad kids go".

Arlington thought the title was hilarious.  And it has turned out to be a fun book for them to read together.  Also turns out it is a series, there are 6 books.  She was so excited to find that out.  They are getting ready to start the 2nd book in the series together.

I think we should read these stories to Finley......yet, in a series tone so she behaves herself.

Since Mat and Arlington are bonding, I am reading to the littles.  Cainan and I just finished the first book in the Lemony Snicket series.

He really liked it.  Each night he was curious to continue reading to see where the story was going.  And he was really paying attention.  We only had the first book in the series in the house, so we are going to the library for the next one.

In the mean time, we started the book series "Stink".  It is the nickname of the little boy in the story.  He is the little brother of Judy Moody (which is a series of books as well).  Cainan thinks he is hilarious.  Uncle Zac and Allison got him the 5 books in the series for Christmas, so we will be reading those for awhile.

Finley and I are reading the Rainbow Fairies series. 

There are about 1000 books in this series.  The have "Rainbow Fairies", "Ocean Fairies", "Pet Fairies", etc.  Each fairies series has 7 books where the main characters stay the same, (two little girls) and they have to find 7 different fairies that Jack Frost has done something to. Right now we are finishing up the Pet Fairies.

Finley loves these books.  I will tell you - I could have written them better, so they are not high quality.  But for a 5 year old little girl who loves magic, fairies, and all things girly - they are perfect.  She just can't get enough of them.  She will sneak ahead and look at the pictures to see what is coming next.

As for me, I am working on a trilogy series right now.  The first book was called "Matched"

You have to check this book out - I really loved it.  I was looking forward to the second book coming out.

Last month, it did!  It is called "Crossed".  Loving it just as much.  It is an easy read, but fun.

So there you have it.  Feel free to share your favorite books for you and your kids.  We are always looking for good series to try!

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