Friday, January 13, 2012

Sick as a Dog

I have often wondered about this statement.  Why do people say this?  According to the internet it is because dogs eat everything and anything and are often sick because of it.

Now that I have a dog - this makes total sense.

Scooby is sick.  Big surprise - it is because of something he ate in the great outdoors.  Probably the night of his romp with his girlfriend.  Probably he deserves it.

But who doesn't deserve it is me -his owner.  For the last week this dog has been like having a newborn baby at night.  He has had to go out to go to the bathroom (I will not elaborate because he is a dog, so just know it is gross) every 1-2 hours.  Someone in this house - who will remain nameless - claims not to hear him crying to get out, so I have been on night duty.

Tuesday I took him to the vet - all test negative.  IT would have to run its course.  Did the vet NOT see the bags under my eyes?  No he did not.  He just took my $60 and sent me home telling me to continue making him the elaborate boiled chicken and rice dinners he had been feasting on for almost a week.


Last night was the last straw.  I was tired, and over it.  I feel bad for Scooby, but for goodness sake.  He brings this on himself by licking everything in the great outdoors.  I called the vet, and his vet had decided to send a sample to the outside lab for further testing and it came back positive for some parasite.

Of course.  But I was glad because that meant medicine!  Getting better!  I would get to sleep all night again like a normal person!

I picked up his medication and it is a powder I need to mix in a special wet dog food for the next three days.  So the spoiled dog is going to be a bit more spoiled for the next few days.

Whatever stops the madness.

So - he is sick as a dog.  Which means he eats his weight in food, continues to eat whatever he  meets outside, is in our faces with toys to "play with me, play with me!" 24 hours a day, and is chasing the kids around like mad.

In other words - not that sick.

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