Thursday, January 12, 2012

Helping a sweet girl, and some snow pictures

Do you remember my friend Julie from Connellsville and her sweet girl Sydney?  Sydney has 100's of seizures a day due to Dravet Syndrome.  For all my local friends who read my blog, there is a fundraiser coming up for her on January 21st.  It will help raise funds toward her getting a service dog.  For kids with seizures, a service dog can be a life saving helper, and also gives parents a peace of mind.  Especially overnight while Sydney is sleeping.  I have seen countless children's lives saved due to service animals.

The fundraiser is from 2pm-4pm on January 21st at Calvary Assembly of God along Pittsburgh Street in South Connellsville.  It is a combination of Pampered Chef, Celebrating Home and a bake sale.  The two ladies from Pampered Chef and Celebrating Home are donating their profits to Sydney's Foundation as well.  It is an open house, so you can show up at any time between 2-4.

I appreciate all of my Finley's Fighters and readers of our blog and what they do for our family.  Sydney has a life threatening condition and needs our help.  Thanks for supporting this wonderful family.

Today it snowed.  It was supposed to rain, and because weather men are never snowed.  We got about 4 inches.  Mat is in San Diego, but we did pretty good.  I shoveled and put down salt.  As much as I hate snow, I was glad to cover the ugly brown grass for a little while.
Of course, then it got warm, and started to rain (see, the weatherman WAS right) and made a slushy mess.  And then it started to snow again, but just light.
Now we are sure it will all freeze and make it really fun. 
Scooby had a great time in the snow.  He romped all around sticking his nose in the snow.  HE would chase after the snow I was throwing from the shovel.  Little weirdo.

His neighborhood girlfriend, Daisy, came over this afternoon to play. 
Arlington was outside with Scooby at the time and they all romped around and got soaking wet for about a half an hour.  Arlington loves the snow.  I asked Cainan if he wanted to go outside and he said "no thank you - it is cold out there".  Yes it is.

This evening we are just relaxing and staying warm.  I am glad that tomorrow is Friday.

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