Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday nights are my favorite

I am a TV junkie.  I am not going to lie.  I look forward to the evenings after the kids are in bed, and Mat and I are relaxing on the couch and the shows are on.  This year, more than the last several, we have found several shows we like to watch.

Tuesdays are the best.  Glee, New Girl, Raising Hope.  My friend Jess and I are nerds and text each other during Glee.  Don't knock it.  We used to work together in Connecticut and at work on Wednesdays we would talk Glee.  Now I am a whole state away, so we have to work through our loss.  Somehow.

Today was a pretty good day overall.  Finley had a super day at school.  Tuesdays are Finley's least favorite day of the week -because it is gym.  But last night it snowed, and so today she AGREED to wear pants (totally why it snowed).  Then she came home and reported that she got to a little treat at school because she was the only one who was quiet during gym.  That was a bonus.  She was really excited about it.  She also got a treat for not eating snow on the playground.  Another big bonus.  Her 1:1 aide confirmed she had a great day, so she got to pick something special to do at home, and she chose to read a little extra at bedtime.  And eat McDonalds for dinner.

Finley is also excited that she is a little Daisy.  For those who don't know - Daisies is a form of Girl Scouts for Kindergarten and 1st graders.  She wishes every day after school was a Daisies meeting.  Tonight I finished putting on her latest patches on her Daisy uniform, so she put it on and told me to take her picture.
She of course had to put up her "Girl Scout promise" fingers to look official.  She is cool like that.
The patches on the back are when we went to the Ballet, but the other is a Finley patch.  Her uniform would not be complete without a Skeleton patch.
Finley also decided this week that she wanted to know about Old Black Magic.  Uh, what now?  In the car yesterday, she started to sing "Old McDonald had Black magic".  Then she said "what are the words to the black magic song?"  I looked at Arlington for help, but she just shrugged.  Where does this girl come up with this stuff?

We went out tonight and got Scooby a new crate.  Little maniac is growing straight up, so his head was hitting the top of his puppy crate.  We looked at the cage sizes, and measured Scooby.  Scooby is now 24 inches tall.  The "large" crate was for dogs up to 25 inches tall.  Hmmm.  But it said that Standard poodles can fit in there (which is a tall dog, and about the height Scooby will be).  So we went with that.

We brought it home, and oh.my.goodness.  Let's just say that he looks like a little ant in the crate.
I MAY or may not have put the kids in the crate.  I may or may not have closed the door.  Then went out to dinner.
Just kidding.  They got in there themselves.  Because they are my kids.  They think dog crates make awesome playhouses.
Scooby on the other hand did NOT want to go in there.  He watched Mat take apart his puppy crate and tried to get into it.  Poor man.
On top of all of that, Scooby is hurt.  Maniac dog was in the yard yesterday - which has become an ice skating rink due to the rain, then freezing temps - and slipped and bit it hard on the ice.  Today he is limping all over the place.  He won't put a lot of weight on his front right leg.  I called the vet, but the vet said because he wasn't yelping whenI pushed on it, he should be fine in a few days.  I will keep an eye on him.

Today he was so quiet, I actually didn't mind.  He didn't feel like moving around a whole bunch, so we just hung out together in the family room.  He did get a bath as well, so he smells pretty.  I figured he was already miserable, what would be the difference.

Scooby did NOT have a good Tuesday.  Tuesdays are not his favorite.  Especially since puppy school is over for a few weeks and he didn't get to fill his belly with an enormous amount of treats.

He did climb into the wood pile next to our fire place to chew on some wood.  That might have made him feel a little bit better.

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