Sunday, January 8, 2012

Upcoming Fundraiser planning

Today I spent some time working on our upcoming fundraiser for Finley and our RDH12 Fund for Sight.  We will be hosting a Dining in the Dark event in Connellsville.  We are excited to do this unique dining experience as a fundraiser.
 Have you ever heard of Dining in the Dark? This is a popular fundraiser for organizations who support eye blinding diseases/disorders.  You have a meal in the complete dark to represent what it would be like to eat if you couldn't see.  It is a very humbling and unique experience, and a lot of fun.

Our plan is to have the dining in the dark at my parents house.  We will be having 2 dinners and 2 breakfast to make it interesting, and people can decide which one they want to come to.  We will be seating 16 people at a time (at most).  The breakfast will be pancakes, fruit, mimosa's, juice, water and maybe a sweet treat.  Dinners will be HOMEMADE pasta and sauce (made by us), homemade bread, salad, water, and wine and ice cream for dessert..

We will seat you, you will get your fruit/salad (depending on which meal you chose) and we will talk to you about why we do these fundraisers.  Then the lights will go out and you will be submersed into complete darkness while you eat your main meal and dessert.  But don't worry - if for some reason you need to leave, someone (who will be wearing night vision goggles) will escort you out.  The meal will last between 30-45 minutes in the dark to give you time to relax and eat.  Then the lights will come on and you will have time to adjust.

Along with the dinner experience, everyone will take home a small "thank you" gift.  You will also be able to buy tickets to win a basket.  Each meal will have its own basket raffle.

Good food.  Unique experience.  Money for sight saving research for Finley.  We will be doing dinners on Feb. 24th and 25th and breakfast on Feb. 25th and 26th.  So mark your calendars!  Invites will be coming out soon!

FYI - reservations WILL have to be made.  NO children under the age of 15 will be allowed due to the nature of the experience.  I promise we will be having a kid friendly dinner in the future!!

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