Friday, January 6, 2012

The day when it would have been better to stay in bed

Ever have one of those days?

Of course - it was all minor problems, but at the end of the day - after so many in a row - you wish you could just start over.

Today - Cainan stayed home from school because he has a fever.  He seemed fine this morning, but by lunch time, the fever had returned.  He didn't eat much today, but motrin did bring out some smiles.
I took the dog outside to use the bathroom late this morning and our neighbor's dog came for a visit.  Usually Scooby will stay in the yard (he is not tied since I am out there with him) and just romp around with the other dog.  But today - our teenage dog decided that when our neighbors dog left our yard to wonder elsewhere, he would follow her.  I can always call him back - especially if a promise of a treat is in that call - but today, he decided that following her girlfriend was more important.

I ran after him a bit, but dogs are fast.  Did you know that?  Especially when you are out of shape.  I came back to the house to tell Cainan I was going to get Scooby, and headed out in the car.  I decided to head toward our neighbor's house (which is a good distance) to see if their dog went home and Scooby followed.  No luck.  Their daughter came out to help me hunt for both dogs.  We tried another neighbor's house (who also has a dog).  No luck their either.  As we were continuing on our search, a van drove down the road and stopped and let out two very muddy dogs.  She had been driving along the main road outside our development and saw the dogs on the main road.  The MAIN ROAD!  Our little puppy - I was so upset.  We thanked her over and over for bringing the dogs into the development.

I took home our very muddy, very out of breath puppy and threw him into the tub.  Of course - because I am glutton for punishment, I put him in the tub, turned around to grab the shampoo, and he jumped out and made a run for it.  It looked like a murder scene - just with mud.  Walls, floor, carpet.

He spent 30 minutes in the tub for me to get all the mud off of him.  I told him he has tasted his last bit of freedom.

After he and I were soaking wet, I got a call from Finley's school.  She wasn't feeling well and the nurse wondered if I could come and pick her up.  Are you serious?  Sure - let me just change out of my wet muddy clothes, bundle up the kiddo with a 101 fever, and come right over.

Yeah - I went and got her.  Don't get your panties in a bunch.  What was the difference at this point - the chance of me getting anything done was shot.

The piano tuner came in the afternoon and gave me the bad news that our beautiful, FREE piano needed about $500 worth of repairs (after the tuning).  I told him I would discuss it with my husband (who later would say - is a free piano - we will play it until it dies and then get another free piano) and get back to him.  I guess some of the hammers inside the piano are loose from years of no use, and to fix them is very expensive because they have to take them all out and then put them all back.  I think I will get another opinion.
I went to get Arlington off the bus and found that the neighbor's dog had returned.  Scared the crap out of me because she was in our garage when I opened the door.  I accidentally left the garage door up and there she was when I went out.  I tried to take her back home, but she wasn't having it, so she came to the bus stop with us.  As we were walking home, her owner came by and took her back home.  That dog is a party animal.

Arlington had tennis at 5pm and Mat got stuck in traffic and didn't make it in time to stay with the littles.  So we all had to go.  Finley was in a costume and refused to get out of it, even though it is about 20 degrees.  Whatever.  Get in the car.
The icing on the cake was tonight when the dog followed Arlington upstairs.  We don't let him upstairs too often because that is where our carpets are.  I tried to get him back down and he went into Cainan's room.  When I rounded the corner into his room - he peed on the floor.  That was the last straw.

Although, I had to laugh because Cainan said "mommy, this has been a crazy day".
Worse thing, kid - it isn't even a full moon.

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The Kovalls said...

I told you having a dog is fun...I love the costume, by the way.