Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas #2

We are back from our vacation, so blogging will resume.  I know how happy you must be.

The first stop was Mat's parents house.  We were there from Tuesday night the 27th to Friday morning the 30th.  Our trip normally takes about 9 hours, but we hit major traffic and it took 11.  We were all crazy when we got out and were so happy to be there.  This was Scooby's first big trip and he did great.  The car was tight since we had luggage and presents, but he did fine.  I am lucky I also have kids who are great travelers because this trip was a killer.

We had a great few days with Mat's family.  We haven't seen his twin sisters and their families (who live in Florida) since our lake trip in June, so we were glad to see them and catch up.  It wasn't enough time and we look forward to the day they move to the north so we can see them more often.

Today, I will post the pictures from our days at the Pletcher abode.  Enjoy!

Arlington and Marcail at breakfast at Seven Springs:
 Aunt Betty, Eli, and Finley at Seven Springs breakfast:
 Gabe and Cainan at breakfast:
 Silas at breakfast waiting for some grub:
 Sweet little Reese:
 Our newest nephew (aka nephew number 6), Jet:

 Arlington opening presents from Gramma and Pappy:
 Cainan and his stash of presents from Gramma and Pappy:
 Family opening presents:  L to R - Marcail, Jonathan, Carrie, Eli, Gabe, Gigi, Aunt Betty:
 Mat and a newly groomed Scooby:
 Eli and Gigi:
 Uncle Jonathan is so funny:
 Uncle Zac and Aunt Allison watching the kids open their presents:
 The madness:

 Aunt Betty and Finley:
 Aunt Jess, Target (the dog), Reese and Marcail:
Reese is so silly:

 Aunt Jess and Marcail testing their dance moves:
 Reese and Arlington having a cuddle:
 Cainan found this chair a perfect spot to hang for a few hours at Aunt Jess' house:
 Arlington and Finley give Aunt Jess a makeover:
 Reese girl:
 More makeover:

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