Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We finally moved the "entertainment bookcase" into our family room. 
I took a picture of it in its new spot.  We have since filed it with our electronics and other goodies.  I love it.  We had a different entertainment center when we lived in our Connecticut house, but it doesn't fit our new TV.  So - Mat is building me a new one - one piece at a time.

Finley was having a bit of a rough morning this morning due to the fact that it is gym day.  She still hates gym day.  Because she has to wear pants.  So - we compromised with a skirt with leggings, and that got her going.  Then I did her hair in a tiny ponytail, and that made her really excited.  So - she had a great day at school. 

I took her picture with her hair do.  Pardon her lack of glasses in the picture - I had to take them off to do her hair.  She was so excited when she got to school.  I talked to her aide later in the day and she said that Finley was so careful taking off her winter hat so she wouldn't mess up her hair.  What a girly girl.
Unlike Arlington - here is how Arlington differs from Finley.  This morning she put on a dress for me - the one day a week I can get her to wear one.  (it is library day and the librarian commented to her that she looked nice in a dress, so...)  She puts on a dress and tights that are too long for her.  They are bagging at the ankles.  She won't put on boots to hide the bulges - she wants to wear her black flats so she can run at recess.  She says "no one will notice and no one cares what my tights look like - only how fast I can play tag".  right.  Her hair - lucky I can brush it.  She throws her winter hat on and it doesn't matter if I brushed it after that.  She just doesn't care.  If she doesn't have a toothpaste ring around her mouth, it is a good day.

Biological sisters.  So strange how different they are.

Tonight was Scooby's last night of puppy school.  He did great.  He had a little test at the end of the class to make him a STAR puppy.  He passed, which was surprising the way he has been behaving this week.  I have a teenager on my hands, and if this is how the kids are going to act, they are going to boarding school.
But I have the certificate to prove he passed.
He will be continuing puppy school.  Next class is called "graduate pup".  That's him alright.  We start that class on January 31st.  So for the next two weeks I need to make sure he doesn't forget what he learned.  Yepper.

Today was Finley's Daisy meeting where they celebrated Chinese New Year.  It was fun.  I took all of our stuff we had from China, and gave the girls a talk about China and Chinese New Year.  The leaders made good food, and had all kinds of crafts for them to do.  She had a great time.
I finished all paperwork to sub for the school district as a nurse.  I am not going to be going in very often - just every once in awhile.  But they needed some help and offered to let Cainan stay all day at Kindergarten on the days I worked.  And our awesome neighbors offered to watch Scooby dog, so I said okay.  Like a crazy person.

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