Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The poofy get poofier

Today, Scooby went to the groomer.  I take him to Pet Smart right now because I can get a fabulous "puppy package" for just $14 until he is 6 months old.
They give him a bath, and make it so he can see around his hair, and generally freak him out for 4 hours at the salon, and he comes home looking very fluffy.
And smelling very good.  Today he got a bandana and spent most of the afternoon trying to chew it off.  He just doesn't understand doggie fashion.

By tomorrow he will have rolled around in our front yard (which is part moat, part ice rink due to the weather) and he will look like he did before - which is a homeless dog.  Ahhh...puppy hood.

Tonight my children decided to put on weird outfits and dance around to CDs. It was cute - slightly annoying - entertainment.

Arlington came down in one of her best dresses (aka her Christmas dress) as a costume because the one she had on earlier was making it "hard to breathe".  Yeah....that might be because it was Finley's.
Moving on.
She brought the CD player down and turned on a song and proceeded to dance around the living room.  She was dancing alone and I asked her if her brother and sister were going to get a chance.
She said - "well, this is just song one - we still have 11 more to go.  They come in around song 6".
Okay.  Stop right there.  12 songs?  Has she lost her mind?
I tell her "you get one more song.  Go".
They had a good time jumping around, and Scooby thought it was a lot of fun.  He wanted to get in on the action and dance too.  It was a bit of a circus for about 20 minutes, and then everyone got tired and found other things to do.
What a shame.  (hint:  I am being sarcastic).
Now the poofy golden-doodle puppy is resting from his traumatic day.


Katy said...

Thanks for visiting me at Dropping by to visit you. Love the fun, crazy post about dancing kids and dogs.
Your blog look is amazing, too. Really like it.

Adry said...
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Adry said...

Just found your blog yesterday, after you found my blog ( through people I want to punch in the throat. I love reading about your family! Looks like your family definitely knows how to have fun together.