Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The days happenings

Ready???  Go.

Waking up at 6:30 to take a shower and pack lunches.

Arlington up by 6:50.  Grudgingly out of bed.  Says she can't feel her legs.  Irrelevant - get out of bed.
7:15 - littles wake up - sometimes they want to, sometimes they don't.  Also irrelevant.  Still up.

7:30 - Arlington and I to bus stop.

7:45-8:10 - Finley works on Kumon and if we are lucky - we practice her piano lesson.  She is much better in the mornings getting this stuff done.

8:20 - down to bus stop with two littles.  Argue who is going to get on bus first.  Irrelevant - both are going to school at the same time.  Who flippin cares.  Get.on.the.bus.

8:30-8:50 - Dog and I romp around the yard.  Mostly me chasing him because he thinks this is awesome fun.  He is cute, but has endless energy, and I am old.

9:00 - today I go to Garden Club meeting.  My morning activities vary.  Some days it is home stuff, some days it is volunteer work.  Garden Club meeting today, though, last until I have to get Cainan off the bus.  It is fun.  Food is awesome.

12:15 - Cainan off bus.  Gets fed.  Eats same thing every day.  So.boring.

I spend afternoon doing housework and entertaining Cainan.  Sometimes we run errands.  Most times we stay home and entertain the dog.  And Cainan yells at him "no jump!" about 50 times because the dog loves to jump on Cainan.  'cause he can.

2:30 today - watch neighbor girl because today is Daisies.  Our neighbor is our Daisies leader, and so we watch her sweet younger daughter so she doesn't have to manage her during the meetings.  She is the sweetest little thing - love having her here.

3:00 - Arlington off bus.  Boundless energy and endless talking for 1 hour.  While also trying to do her homework.  And she must have a snack "or she will die".

3:30 - on NON-Daisy days - get Finley off the bus.  She is a little less spunky getting off the bus than Arlington, but a little chatty about her day.  If we didn't get piano practice in during the morning, we do it now.

5:00 TODAY - our little neighbor gets picked up and Finley gets dropped off from Daisies.  Finley LOVES Daisies.  She is always full of excitement.  I am so glad she likes it.

5:30 - Mat comes home.  Dinner.

7:00 - Arlington gets a shower and we bathe the littles.  Bed time is STRICTLY 7:30.  That is for Mat and I.  We need peace and quiet while we can still keep our eyes open.  Plus - they really are asleep after they look at books for a bit.  Arlington reads for about 1/2 hour or so - she is the last to sleep.

10:00 - BED.  Always.  I am old and a loser and cannot stay up later if I tried.  Well, I can, but I get insanely chatty and annoying and no one wants that.


Alicia said...

I love your commentary. "Irrelevant..." Haha! Thanks for stopping by my blog; thought I would return the love! Definitely going to continue reading yours. :)

bitchinmommy said...

Absolutely love your account of a day in the life of your family. I award you the SuperMom cape because I'm tired just from reading everything YOU did. The fact you are still coherent enough to record it in a blog is flippin' amazing. So glad to have found you.

Subscribing NOW.

KrisD said...

Jen, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier...you are one busy lady! We have 5 kids...our oldest is now 18 and has been our "little mother" since the twins were born almost 9 years ago. Until last year, we homeschooled all 5 and honestly, it should be called carschool for all the time we spent at home. Can't wait to read more about your awesome family! Hugs! (Can't wait to hear about or see some of your quilting adventures!)