Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cupcake Walk

What is a cupcake walk?  I am glad you asked.

Last night we went to a Winterfest festival here in our new town.  It is run by our local school and all profits go to the PTA to fund school activities.  It is apparently a very big deal because it was really crowded.  We had dinner there, and put our names in about 20 baskets (there were 110 in all) and then left.

But there was a "Cake Walk" and Finley wanted to do it.  Just like Junie B Jones in her books.  Except minus the fruitcake win.  But it was $1 a try, and we felt that was a bit ridiculous for a Cake Walk, so we didn't do it.  That was what Finley CAME for (as she told us) and she wanted to do the cake walk SO BADLY.
But we still felt like it wasn't worth it, so I told her that we had cake mix at home and we could do our own cake walk.  You get her out the door.

It worked.  But it also backfired.  Hence the title of this post.
This afternoon, Finley and I baked cupcakes out of said cake mix, because she thought we could have a cupcake walk.  Why not.  It was a mini version of the cake walk at school and it made her happy, so I went with it.

I let her decorate the cupcakes any color and any way she wanted.  We filled some paper cups with a little bit of icing each, and added the food coloring.  Then after I iced them, I let her add the toppings.
Here is what we came up with in the end.

 Arlington and Cainan got into it as well, and our neighbor "C" was visiting so she participated as well.  We set up our living room with numbers on the floor.
Finley drew the numbers - she still gets them a little backwards sometimes.
Finley and Cainan could hardly stand waiting for the game to start - they really wanted those darn cupcakes.

We wrote numbers 1-10 on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl.
 We played music and when the music stopped, the kids stopped on a number and then I pulled a number from the bowl.  If they were on that number - they won a cupcake.
They had a good time.  Each kiddo won 4 cupcakes in the end, and that made them very happy.
No - I didn't not let them eat all 4.
Okay - so the mad idea turned out to be pretty fun.  The kids told me we should do this EVERY weekend.
Ha ha ha.

Finley DID end up winning a basket yesterday at the basket raffle.  I was shocked considering the people that were there.  And these are not your ordinary baskets - some of these baskets were worth $100s.  (One was an American Girl doll and clothes!!)  Finley won the "Sleepover basket".  She thought this meant camping.  Whatever.  We get to pick it up Monday, but it has games, activities, popcord, gift cards, breakfast supplies, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.  She was so excited.  The other two.....not so much.


Just Me said...

This is a FANTASTIC idea for my daughter's birthday party. She usually has a sleepover with a few girls and it would be a lot more tasty than some other activities they usually do. :)

jennohara said...

How fun!! Good luck with introducing that though. Haha ;)
How awesome that she won a basket too!