Saturday, January 14, 2012

Polka Dot Diva

 It is Saturday.  We are not going anywhere, but this is what Finley wants to wear.  She is high maintenance.
 She even put on her polka dot sunglasses.  I told her I was going to take her picture and she started posing.
 She is a riot.  Hopefully some day she will become a rich doctor (she mentioned being a paleontologist the other day) so she can afford her wardrobe.

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jennohara said...

She is adorable!! I'm so glad you found my blog, because that led me to yours! I agree...there aren't enough blogs about kids with visual impairments. I'm glad you followed your gut and had Finley's eyes checked. It is devastating to hear the word "blind" but you are doing so much good for the disorder. There will be nothing to hold back your Finley. She will conquer all!