Thursday, January 5, 2012

To busy to blog

This week has been crazy.  I thought once the holidays were over it would be slower.  Arlington was sick - then she got better.  Now Cainan is sick.  Each day I have a kid home with me.  My parents are visiting and trying to help me undecorate and get everything put away. 

Today is their final day here.  We ran a few errands and tended to Cainan.  We worked on some beaded bracelet orders.  I made a braille shirt.  We did laundry, and went out to dinner.  Now it is 9:45pm and I am just finishing up for the day.

So no pictures today I am afraid to say.  Tomorrow we take my parents to the train station for their ride to NYC.  It is the weekend again, already, hard to believe.

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